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Friday, August 29, 2003
Hey! OVER HERE! I moved my blog off of blogger! Come say hi!

Wednesday, August 27, 2003
Haven't blogged since Sat. Partly because I wasn't home. I'll say more on that later. But in the mean time I'm trying to figure out how to import entries into MovableType from blogger. Post later.

Saturday, August 23, 2003
New blogs.
I stumbled across this blog..some where. I don't remember where. But I've read a couple days worth, and I like it. Its called Ramblings of an Average White Guy. And I'll tell you know, hes going to be added to my list of daily reads. As soon as I gather enough courage to enter the depths of my template.

Another blog thats getting added is Oldcatman's Brain Farts. If I understand correctly he's the father of the aformentioned Average White Guy. Both blogs seem to be funny, and for a father-son thing, vastly different. *thinks* kind of like me and RocketJones huh?

Puppie.. Fart... Gas... dieing... no air... help! *coughs and passes out*

Thursday, August 21, 2003
parents sex


I don't think I've ever seen them, and I hope I never have too.

Finally. I’m alive enough to attempt to write a decent post. Unfortunately I have absolutely no ideas on what to write about so I'm going to ramble and babble.

I got a new job. or should I say I have an actual job. Granted I was baby sitting for a while. It was after school for 5 days a week, from 3 until 7-ish and it was $45 a week. Not bad, but it was torture. One of the kids was only 2 years younger then me, and she did not like that. But that's okay it only lasted long enough for me to buy a computer.

My new job is filing. And any other odds and ends I can do. Its at a doctors office, I got the job because my mom works there, or should I say at the doctors other office, and the one I'll be at is busier and the filing backs up. And you would not believe the amount of filing they have! I was working from 10-5 and still wasn’t done. But I got paid, and that's what counts.

My sisters in Michigan. Woot! Now the trick is getting mom to buy me paint for my room, inviting some poor unfortunate saps to my house to help paint my room, and then I got to set up my bunk beds. Yikes.

Eh. I’m bored and I'm still working on my stupid summer work. Yuck. If any one wants to give me any articles for Government class, leave a link in the comments (I need 15 international ones).

Tuesday, August 19, 2003
If FedEx and UPS merged would it become Fed Up?

You know what I hate most about traveling?

1. The Lack of Decent Toilet Paper.
2. The sucky shower heads.
3. My email gets backed up.
4. Sitting in a car for hours apon hours.
5. Going to Wal-Mart.
6. Listening to 'Oldies' every waking moment.
7. Turn Pikes.
8. Walking so much.
9. Falling behind on the Blog-o-sphere.
10. Forgetting something (For example an extra pair of pants)

Friday, August 15, 2003
Alright! I'm Mad!
Alright. I’m mad. I know it took me long enough to realize, but our lovely George (who I'm not happy with already) messed up my links! I had them all in neat groups of 5. And what does he do? He adds his blog to the first group. There's now 6 in the group!! Did I mention he hasn’t updated in 12 days? GA! He makes me so angry. And when he gets on line again there's going to be hell to pay for him. *fumes* Oh yeah, George is now a student at VCU. He left with out saying goodbye. I know I know, I'll talk to him on line, but its not the same!

If it wasn’t for the fact that I'm busy enough with Jen's war against Frank, and doing images for various groups (IE: The War, and Aside from the Usual-a band) I’d declare war on George!

I’m done Ranting now.

Another fine day, The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the dogs are barking. And I’m trying to sleep. And if someone gets a chance, can you tell me if the suns actually shinning or not? I have heavy curtains up and I'm not moving them, I just got them to look decent-ish.

Moving on! I created the Axis of Evil Naughty logo. I’m proud of it. And if you look real close, you can see that Franks head is in the eye balls. I am so awesome! I also made several others, and released them all to the DisMinsWar person (aka. My Dad). I made several harsh ones. They were so funny! But I'm not sure if their going to be used or not. Its up to Dad. So go tell him that you want to see more of the “FRANK FILES”.

My sister (Robyn) has a friend over, she helped Robyn continuing packing. I wasn’t going to complain about her because:
A) That means I don’t have to do it,
B) I got to raid her CDs and Rip/burn a bunch (including Smile Empty Soul and Eve 6- WOOT)

Lisa is okay, I'll never say she’s my favorite person in the world, actually I used to hate her. Mostly because she said I was a bratty little sister. She was right. I think I changed. I dunno though. I’m not a good judge.

Well I need to get back to Stevie’s [Um. their name is Stevie right? Cause on the site caughtinthexfire it says Daun now-either way I'm confused, but we will prevail!-Onward!] questions huh? Well here we go.

1. Describe your dream date with your favorite famous person.
Dream date with a Celebrity? Oh boy. Um. Um. I think my Favorite Famous person would have to be-eh I'm torn between picking George Carlin and Robin Williams. Either way I'd get to ride in a limo, and we would go to.. Astoria (Local pizza shop-hey why not? Besides I'm have no experience at fancy restaurants). And then we’d talk. and then I'd get another limo ride home. And after words I'd make fun of Andy, because I'm sure that he would have wanted to trade places any day of the week.

2. Which Looney Tunes character do you identify with the most and why?
Dude. I guess I should have watched more cartoons.. hehe. (Does Google search for a list). Um I'd have to go with Wile-E-Coyote. Mostly because he does a lot of stupid stuff-like me- and doesn’t get away with it. Fortunately for me, I haven’t been blown up due to my stunts.

3. Would you trade a walk-on role in a war for a lead role in a cage? (Esoteric Pink Floyd

Um... I believe I was directed by Stevie to say No. And since I don’t under stand the reference, I'll say No.

4. If you could be on any of the reality T.V. shows, which one would it be and why?
“Who Can Kill The Host And Get The Show Off The Air Fastest”... Or better yet! “Attack On the Crappy TV Stations”. I don’t like reality T.V. It annoys me.

5. What is the most embarrassing thing you've ever been involved in?
Besides having to wear a skirt for drama? Um.. I don’t know. Have to think about it. *thinks really hard* um... Does Truth or Dare count? Cause anything with truth or dare is either
A) Embarising as hell
or B) So odd and weird that you can’t figure it out.

And, a bonus question that just begs to be asked of someone:Why is my dopey dog lying on the floor, on his back, with all four paws in the air-the front two crossed, no less-wiggling around making noises like Chewbacca from Star Wars?
He wants to feel sexy.

Well there you go! That's my answers. Remember, first person to comment gets 5 questions from me!

Thursday, August 14, 2003
I am sick of hearing about this. It doesn't effect me (oviously) so I don't care. Let me just say it one more time:

Theres a huge power outage.

Big deal. The only people that should care about it is the people who are experiencing it.

Okay I'm done. Back to make more images to slander Frank.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003
War On Frank
I have decided, I will join the war against Frank from IMAO, to be more exact, I am joining Jen's side. Why? Because I need something to do. Also I can make graphic images. Hehe. I can't wait!

I got my questions.
I got my questions from Stevie. But I'm not going to answer them just yet. Mainly because I don't have time at the moment. Got lots of school work. *Grumbles"Stupidschool"Grumbles*

1. Describe your dream date with your favorite famous person.

2. Which Looney Tunes character do you identify with the most and why?

3. Would you trade a walk-on role in a war for a lead role in a cage? (Esoteric Pink Floyd reference...)

4. If you could be on any of the reality T.V. shows, which one would it be and why?

5. What is the most embarrassing thing you've ever been involved in?

And, a bonus question that just begs to be asked of someone:
Why is my dopey dog lying on the floor, on his back, with all four paws in the air-the front two crossed, no less-wiggling around making noises like Chewbacca from Star Wars?

Real quick, before I have to get back to my school work. I Hate Annotating. Let me say it again. I Hate Annotating. I Hate Annotating. I Hate Annotating!

I also hate my government work.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003
I was bored, so i went to Silverblue’s blog and started taking all of his “Final Thoughts” because i started to think they were funny/cute. Well i stumbled across this one, and it was so sweet! I swear! It was so sweet it almost made me barf. But i didn’t. So what are you waiting for? Go Read It Already!!

Coin Kids
Remember the coin story? Where the kids got the superglued Loony off the floor of the mall? Well I finaly posted the Pictures. You can find them here.

It also turns out that the kids were the ones to originally glue the coin down in the first place.

Flash Mobs
I'd join one!

Monday, August 11, 2003
Idiots Guide To Teenage Dating Part Two
Note that rules number Eight through Ten are the same general concept. This has been noted by the author, and done on purpose because the author believes that unless it is posted in at least 3 unique ways the message will somehow escape someone's understanding.

Rule Number Eight:
Don’t be a Tard.

Rule Number Nine:
Don’t be a Moron.

Rule Number Ten:
Don’t be Stoopid.

Part One can be found here.

Hows this for a new tagline:
Dad invented Mookie Riffic, but I gave it Character!

She Got In
Good news, my sister got in to Olivet! She’s going to Michigan.

Idiots Guide To Teenage Dating. Part One
Seeing that I have absolutely no room to talk, and have no clue if any of this will be useful, I have decided to share my infinite wisdom with the world and to start a “Idiots Guide to Teenage Dating”. And being as I'm a teenage idiot, I think I've got all my credentials in order (Dude! I spelt credentials right on the first try!).

Rule Number One:
If you like someone, tell them yourself. Don’t have Tina tell Gabrielle to tell Carmen to tell her boyfriend George that Sheila likes Dave. (Get the picture?)

Rule Number Two:
Don’t get CLINGY. That will ruin your friendship, and relationship faster then you can drop a bag of potatoes (where did that come from?).

Rule Number Three (for girls):
All teenage males are very - what's a good word - Horny. If a guy is trying to pressure a you, just a nice threat of castration will get him to back off. But don’t be to harsh! Or you’ll be branded as a Prude for life, or at least a month.

Rule Number Four (for guys):
When a girl tells you to back off, do it. Because if you don’t you might have to deal with an angry parent chasing you around the block and a cell mate named Bubba if the aforementioned parent presses charges.

Rule Number Five:
When meeting the parents of your date, be polite, and say something intelligent, but don’t be a know-it-all and don’t be rude. Accept criticism from the adults.

Rule Number Six:
When things go downhill, just end it, don’t kid yourself.

Rule Number Seven:
Remember: YOU'RE A TEENAGER. Nothing is set in stone.

update: See! I can fix things easily! I wont whine (too awful much)!

I am so screwed. Here’s my Government assignment i have yet to start:

Collect 15 current event articles pertaining to the government and politics of the countries which we will be studying next year (United Kingdom, France, Russia, China and India). The articles can be from newspaper, magazine or internet and you can cut the articles from the paper or duplicate them. You should have at least two articles on each country and at least three on the European Union. the other two can be from any of the countries we are studying or the European Union.

Read the articles and write a brief (two paragraph) explanation of what each article is about. Remember to put the summary in you own words. Put each article and explanation on a separate sheet of paper.

Put the articles and summaries in a booklet with a cover page and table of contents. Include a map of the world highlighting the location of the countries mentioned in your articles. Give complete bibliographic information for each article.

This booklet will be turned in the first day of class in the 2003 school year. The assignment will be worth three grades in the first marking period.

And did I mention that school starts in 3 weeks?

Sunday, August 10, 2003
Well I decided that I need to post something really dynamic, something that will make people go “WOW”. Why? To make up for my absence.

I have nothing to write about.

Lets see. What can I write about... *thinks real hard. I just can’t think of anything. I know! I’ll talk about my new campaign thingie.

This idea was thought of when my friend IMed me and told me about an incident at the mall where the stupid Rent-A-Cop (Security Guards) told her “to go her corner.” I decided I was sick of the verbal abuse that teenagers receive at Potomac Mills. Its just not fair. Granted I know that as a bunch of kids we have to do three times the work to get noticed as people who can vote, but I think it can be done. Unlike my favorite idiot friend, Paul. And I quote directly from our conversation online:

Paul the Fallen: wont matter if the world said somethin, its not gonna happen
mookie riffic: Well with that attitude no wonder nothing has been done
mookie riffic: Just cuz i'm the first person to get sick of the crap we’ve been put through and am willing to TRY doesn't mean i'm doomed for failure
Paul the Fallen: im sry for raining on yur parade, but seriously, step back and look, in their eyes, you are a kid, somone who doesnt kno wut they are talkin about and is just there to cause them troubles.
mookie riffic: Paul, I may be just a kid, but hell, if enough people actually care and write to the right people, things can improve.
Paul the Fallen : they can, but they wont. first off, you dont have hard evidence, physical proof, or anything else like that

But I have had some people decide to help. Going to the Mall and actually talking to other kids in person will help a lot.

I haven’t really said a lot about what we’re doing, I just gave an example of the trouble we’re going to face. Potomac Mills mall is across the street from Gar-Field High School, and on Fridays its tradition for almost everyone to go to the Mall and hang out, blow their allowance/paychecks, skate at VANS, see movies, rummage through the depths of Clair’s barg-in bins, drink soda until we almost pass out from the caffeine, and gaze upon all the wonders at Spencer's before going to the Dollar Store and scraping up enough leftover change for candy. The Rent-A-Cops (I refuse to call them Cops or Security Guards-Except for in my letters) constantly decide that anyone in “Goth Clothes” is bad news and needs to be harassed endlessly until their temper breaks and they really do something irrational. Its just a tyranny. And personally I'm sick of it.

Some days the Rent-A-Cops are so horrid that even if you show them a fist-full of cash and coins and say "I have cash, I want to go play the arcade games in VANS, I'm not trying to 'Loiter'" they still wont let you with in 50 feet of the entrance.

This “endeavor” started when me and my friend Andy were just talking, and we mentioned one of the kids we know and the trouble they’ve been having at the mall. We decided to try and stop it. At this point, through pure Email and IMs we have over 30 kids helping to try and write “Adult sounding” letters to representatives, and mall officials. Some how Andy decided (with a couple others who were the first to join) that I was the good choice to “Lead and Coordinate” this whole nightmare. I hope I’m up to this, because I don’t want to back down from this. This really needs to be changed. These Rent-A-Cops are getting out of hand.

Easy example: Midterm week, I went to the mall with the aforementioned Andy after school, it was an early day, I think Wednesday, and we wanted to see a movie. The Guards wouldn’t let us in. Even AFTER we showed them the “Official Exam Schedule”. We stood in the snow and cold (with out our winter coats I might add-only jackets-because our lockers are two small to hold coats) for half an hour before another group of kids showed up to confirm our story. Then and only then did they let us in, but they made us stay in the entrance way, watched over like a hawk while they called the school to confirm that it was indeed exam week. There was almost 50 of us! And they didn’t bother to call when the first of us showed up.

I hate Rent-A-Cops. If you want to help in any way shape or form, email me at mookie_riffic -at- yahoo dot com or leave a comment with your email address.

~The somewhat bewildered, upset kid that got stuck with the job of coordinating this nightmare. Not that I'm complaining.~

One more thing... I CAN DO BLOCk QUOTES! WOOT!

Saturday, August 09, 2003
By The Sword
Out of lack of anything better, I’m going to tell you about the book I'm reading. I’m only about 100 pages into it and haven’t had time to pay it serious attention yet. Its by Mercedes Lackey, and its called By The Sword. Its a squeal to two other books, as well as a prequel to another series. So far from what i can tell its about this girl named Kero. Kero is the grand daughter of this really kick ass sorceress. And Kero’s everyone in her family is wounded or slaughtered (With exception of the Grandmother, Kethry-lives some where else). Well Kero is the only one of her family fit to do anything, so she rides to her grandmothers tower and Kethry gives Kero a magic sword named Need. Need is a pain in the ass, but she’s worth it sometimes. Need can do many things, and one of the special things about her is that if your a wizard it will take over your body and make you an awesome fighter, but if you a fighter she will protect you from all magic. Here’s the catch with Need: If a woman is in trouble the bearer of the sword must go and help the woman. You should read the book.

I have decided I need a gimmick like Bill’s “Dear Scabby” or like Paul’s interviews. I only need it for the summer. I have almost no ideas. I could start a ‘Mookie’s Dating Service’. I wouldn’t use it, but who knows. Maybe ‘Mookie’s Fashion Tips’ everyone would end up in a black t-shirt and jeans though. Oh well. I’ll figure something out.

Real Quick
Went to my friend Casey’s birthday party today, or should I say yesterday? We hung out at a coffee shop - surprisingly enough named “Coffee Bar” - and then went to the local skating rink. My ankles hurt so much I couldn’t yell the word “#%&$” loud enough to describe it. They hurt even more when the blood actually reaches them. I’m tired. Sorry bout the light blogging. Its hard to find something worth blogging about in the summer. Blog more later.

Thursday, August 07, 2003
The Loony
At one point in our travels we were at a mall, and I bent over to pick up a coin. It was a Canadian one dollar coin, other wise called a Loony. The Loony was super glued to the floor. Mom had sat down at the bench near the Loony, and I was about to go into this store called “Chapters” (I think its a Canadian version of Borders) when these four kids come walking down the hall, and the youngest try to pick up the loony. (I got pics, just not posted yet) This kid decided he wanted the loony real bad, and started trying to get it up, with another coin, paper, anyway he could think of. I slowly sat down on the bench and said to mom when she asked me what I was doing “What? and miss entertainment like this? Get real”

The kids were 2 boys and 2 girls. I think the two girls and one of the boys were about my age (15ish) but the last boy was about 10-11 (I think). The two boys were trying to get the coin for about 10 min and the youngest had just bought “Help Wanted” signs earlier in the day, and was waving them around. They were getting many odd looks, and I was having a good laugh. When my mom eventually said “About the only thing that's going to get the coin up is some nail polish remover.” The two girls immediately went to the dollar store called “A Buck or Two” and bought some nail polish remover! And they started pouring the remover on the coin. They even got napkins from a stand to clean it up. They eventually got the coin after about 45 minutes, and it only cost them 15 cents. (The nail polish remover was $1.15)

I gave the kids the address to my blog. I hope they see this.

The Toe.
So here I was loading the car, when my sisters phone rings. She decides she wants to talk to her friend on the front walk. Of course she’s in my way. So I'm carrying the cooler, a pillow, and a blanket to the car, and my sisters pacing on the walk while she talks when I step aside so that she could get out of my way, my foot (which was bare) hit the edge or the sidewalk, and almost twisted. It also scraped off some skin, so that it was left hanging on, it was bleeding, and i ruined my toe nail. Man! Did it hurt and bleed! It still isn’t heeled all the way, and earlier i hit something and it started bleeding! I blame my sister.

Canada, Part One and Two

Written on the Road part one:

August 2nd 9:49

So We get the car loaded and me and my mom haven’t even left our parking space before she grabs her phone and starts dialing. My first comment was “Your calling dad already? We just left!” By the time though we were out of the neighbor hood she was already pulling the car over and saying “Hello?”. I’m just not comprehending what's going on. She starts talking in earnest now:

“I’m number 10?...Oh WOW!... My names Liz Phipps...” blah blah blah...”I’ve listened to you Johnny Dark since I was a kid and you were on WCAO out of Baltimore.”

She then looked at me after hanging up and said “I just won a can of Spam.... and a chance to take your father to the Bahamas”

And such was the start of my vacation.

Written on the Road part two:

August 3rd-sometime after 3am but before 4am

I hate driving through Pennsylvania. I always found it so boring. We’re at a rest stop now in northern PA. Mom needed some shut eye. Besides being in Northern PA all I know is that we’re off of I81

Earlier we stopped at Wal-Mart, there's one right past the Maryland/Pennsylvania state line on I83. It was a nice Wal-Mart, so nice that even though they were remodeling, it was still better then the one at home. Kind of sad if you ask me.

At Wal-Mart we were buying chips and the mom asked me for a penny. I made the average “I hate pennies” comment, and the Charier started to lecture me on the word Hate. Saying I'm too young to know what hate is, and its to strong a word... Yadie yadie yadie

Once back in the car we got McDonalds. It was a 24hr McDonalds, how cool is that? Bad thing though was that after 11 they only served a few items and the prices were all raised.

Mom’s asleep now, I guess I should be too but I wanted to take advantage of the light.

Oh and just because this is funny, and it happened to Rocket Jones (Dad) I feel I should mention it. It involves out dog, a poodle named Trix. You see Trix is male. We have no female dog. Sam the other dog has no...lets call it ‘Equipment’. Trix still has his.

Bottom line, Trix was Horny.

I swear that dog tried all day to get some decent action from Sam, but Sam just wasn’t cooperating. Well I guess around 8:00 or so, Trix was getting super desperate. And Sam was on my dads lap. Trix jumped up on dad and started humping him, and by time Dad knocked him off there was a wet spot on his shirt where Trix had been.

Good times.

Good times.

Wednesday, August 06, 2003
Ok, lets try that long post again....
I went to my friends house Sunday night, he owns a ranch, or rather, his mom owns it, but it's really awesome their. We don't sleep until after 3am and wake up at around 8-9 to work. We got off early both days cuz we only had one group scheduled each day. Basically, we do pony rides and a petting farm. We get school groups with little kids and we get big groups like the salvation army. They also do birthday parties and stuff like that. We get a few walkins, but most of them are on the weekends. After we finished working since we got off early we went down to the creek and swam, it was kewl. The first day it was just Joey, Tiff, and me, but the second day everyone went swimming, Joey, Trevor, Tiff, Sarah, Kristi, and me. It was pretty kewl. Because we had lotsa rain, the current was strong and we slid down the waterfallish part, small, but the current took you far. Well, thats about all I did then. Oh, yah, I found a game from a friend of mine, it's kinda interesting, your a vampire and you go around and suck peoples blood. Check it out and sign up if you want. Go here to do that: The Website has some other stuff too, silly quizzes and some other stuff. Have fun. Peace out.

Wow.... last night I went to sleep at 8. I usually dont get to sleep until about 3 or 4 in the moning. Well, because I went to sleep so early I woke up at 6 this morning. Anyways, a few days ago I was talkin to one of my friends about a story I started, and when I wrote it it was an awesome story, but I found it last Sunday and I read it. Man does it suck! The storyline is amazing, especially for when I wrote it, but the story its self is total crap. It's about a 12 year old boy who has a 5 year old sister and a 2 year old brother, his dad died a year ago from a hunting accident and his mother is very sick. The family horse died from starvation a few days back and he needs to go to town tomorrow to try and find help for his mom. Basically, he goes to town which is 10 miles away and the doctor is on vacation, when he gets back home his mom is dead and he doesn't know what to do. That is about where I left off, but anyways, I am rewriting the story so its less grammatically incorrect and so that the punctuation isn't totally disgusting. Well, wish me luck, I'm gonna need it. Peace out.

Tuesday, August 05, 2003
Well damn!
Ok, I just tried to post a long thing and it didnt work right, so after I get over being pissed and being lazy, Ill type it up again and post, sorry peepz. Peace out.

Sunday, August 03, 2003
Quick Howdy
Hey hey! George here, this isn't really a post but more of a "I'm going to post tomorrow" kind of thing. Oh, real quick...on Project Suicide. It shall go on! I told my dad about it today and he is surprisingly ok with it. Good times :)

Shamless advertising, check out The Daily Grind. ;-)


Saturday, August 02, 2003
Romans And Rap.
Have you ever watched Spartacus? You know the movie with Kirk Douglas. If you haven’t, you should. I’ve only seen it once or twice, but of course I picked the weird scene to remember best. I think its set on a beach with a bunch of people around a fire, and they convince this guy to get up and sing. Well the guy that was “Singing” If I remember correctly was basically speaking to a tune/beat. There fore I conclude that the Romans were the first “Rappers”. And if the Romans were the first rappers then what happened to rap to make it go so far downhill? I remember that scene the best because I thought it was particularly nice, and the fact that he was just speaking. Now if the Romans were still around, what do you think they would do to people like... oh I don’t know, lets try Eminem or for kicks how about 50cent. I think they are the major rappers right now. We could also throw into the mix J-Lo and Ashanti. Or even JaRule or whoever.

What would the Romans say. With any luck they would have declared them as “Vulgar, Indecent, And Vile” and promptly
A) Either made them into slaves
B) Made them Fight to the Death
C) Given them to the slaves to abuse. (Make them worse then slaves)

That's with any luck in my mind.

The Roman "Rap" was a nice, mellow, meaningful, style of music meant to tell a story, a virtue, or a moral. Today's Rap in comparison talks about Drugs, Theft, Burglary, Adultery, every vice a human could have. And they say it in the crudest way possible, throwing in unnecessary curse words, just to be cool. They aren't cool. They aren't special. They aren't doing anything unique.

The Romans had their share of vile people too, and their vices. But at least they had an easy solution! Throw them to the tigers! I wish i could do that to some of the Rappers. Today's Rappers just disgust me. I just don't understand how any decent, moral, human can knowingly subject their ears and minds to this meaning less, immoral, "Music". I will admit there are a few rap songs that aren't half bad, and they actually say something decent, but they are too few to make it worth my while.

I'm going to stick to what i know is good. Rock.

And Remember Kids: You Can't Spell CRAP with out RAP!

I’ve really got something going here with this “Whore Clothes” bit. And I can prove it!

Susie at Practical Penumbra, she mentions my Quest and how Silver Blue helped me. And Silver Blue mentioned it too (and he has some funny pictures on his blog)! Then there was The Meatriarcy who mentioned it too, and how I have a weird blog roll. They also warned the people of Canada to watch out for me. And then last but not least, of the ones I know of, is Kin’s Kouch. He said I'm precious! WOOT!

Friday, August 01, 2003
"Whore Clothes"
Sticking with the "Whore Clothes" Topic for a bit longer, The Meatriarchy has informed me that if i put "Whore Clothes" in quotes, it will bounce me up the list faster on Google. HOT DOG! This is so great. So in theory, I have jumped 45 spaces in the list by this post alone. But just to make it an even 60... "Whore Clothes".

I should be Worshiped.

I don't like Hot Dogs.

My Day...
So I'm not in the best of moods right now. I went to work with my mom, and I read so many Reader Digests I've actually developed a liking for them. And then I got to walk across the mall to Target and back a twice so that I could pick up a printer cable and install the printer for her. I also got my eyes checked. What fun. I’ll tell you, I really hate the Puff test, you know the one where they blow air into your eyes. I hate it with a passion. It turns out I'm near-sighted. Not significantly enough to warrant glasses. But enough that it going to bug me that my sights not what it used to be. It also turns out I need reading glasses for Duh! Reading, and my computer work. I also got a nice lecture on proper lighting and taking breaks from the computer.

Less then 24 hours until I'm off to Canada. Tell me why I'm not sure if that's good or not. But pretty much the fact is that if either George or Paul don’t post at least once a day, and by that I mean something decent, you have my permission to kick them in the balls. =D Gotta love me!

Come on, don't give up on whore clothes, I'll even help ya out some. :)

Whore Clothes Whore Clothes Whore Clothes Whore Clothes Whore Clothes Whore Clothes Whore Clothes Whore Clothes Whore Clothes Whore Clothes Whore Clothes Whore Clothes Whore Clothes Whore Clothes Whore Clothes Whore Clothes Whore Clothes Whore Clothes Whore Clothes Whore Clothes Whore Clothes Whore Clothes Whore Clothes Whore Clothes Whore Clothes Whore Clothes Whore Clothes Whore Clothes Whore Clothes Whore Clothes Whore Clothes Whore Clothes Whore Clothes Whore Clothes Whore Clothes Whore Clothes

Is that good for now? Hope so. Lataz :-P

Thursday, July 31, 2003
Whore Clothes
For some reason it is now my goal to become number one on the Google list when people do a search on Whore Clothes. Why? Because I can. So at this moment, you are about to see the words “Whore Clothes” quite often.

Whore Clothes Whore Clothes Whore Clothes Whore Clothes Whore Clothes Whore Clothes Whore Clothes Whore Clothes

You know what? That takes too much effort. I don't care anymore.

If you do a Google search on Whore Clothes I’m number 75 on the list. How interesting.

The Diet and Project Suicide
Howdy everyone, I guess I should get into the groove of this posting thing. =)

First things first, "The Diet". My mother (and father to some degree) has decided to go on a diet. Well, this wouldn't be a problem except for the old curse, "When moms on a diet, everyone is on a diet." In the past 2 weeks my house has become a haven for Low and No Fat foods. I open the fridge and am assaulted by the sight of skim milk and fat free yogurt. The pantry fairs little better with low fat snack foods and granola cereal. This wouldn't be so much of a problem if it were not for the fact that I'm an 18 year old male. I like to eat...a lot...and diet food really doesn't lend itself to the excessively hungry. As one can guess I have lost weight over the past 2 weeks despite consuming nearly every piece of junk food I can get my hands on. My mother has been somewhat less successful. This would usually frustrate the normal person into giving up the diet but not my mom! The lack of immediate success has spurred her on and she is simply buying more Low Fat stuff and less junk. Today she came home from the grocery store with "All Natural Cheetos"...I really don't need to say any more.

Next up on the list is the aptly named "Project Suicide". I have decided to fix up my current car('93 Accord) as my nearly 5-month long campaign for a new one has failed utterly. After consulting with a friend, we've decided to buy a new intake and exhaust system from JC Whitney. The total purchase came to be somewhere in the range of $700 and was made last night. The downside to all this, my father doesn't know. He and my brother are off at Boy Scout summer camp all this week and he has no idea that I've done this. There is a strong possibility that he will absolutely blow his top, make me return all the parts, and then rip my head off...hence the project name of "Suicide". I may very well have signed my own death warrant last night, time will tell. My biggest defense is the fact that the purchase was made using my money and that I'm 18 so he really can't tell me what I can do with it. This really leaves me with little room to breathe as he could easily decide he isn't paying for college anymore...that would be BAD.

Lastly, I'm going to tell you a little about myself. Most people would put this at the beginning of their first "real" entry but I'm weird and like to be different. =) I'm an 18 year old male named George (fake name assigned by Rachael) but you will also see me referred to as Ion (the first part of my REAL name in Hawaiian). I'm an Eagle Scout (my one claim to fame) and have done a bunch of extra-currics through school and on my own. Big whoop, who cares. =P I met Rachael in drama, that's probably the important part. That's all for now.

George the Ion

Wednesday, July 30, 2003
Stick Figure Suicide
Stick Figure Suicide-Funny!

I rock!
I hit the 1000 unique visitor mark! WOOT! And it’s only been 30 days. I rock.

He's GAY?
So today was a rather eventful day in theory. I say in theory because I personally didn’t do anything, but I know others that did. For example my friend Emma is now on a plane to Ireland. And Andy came home from a military academy in North Carolina. While I found several funny sites and sat on my bum all day looking at the monitor. *thinks* Maybe that's why my eyes are playing tricks on me *end thought*

So the first link I would like to show you proves what every one already knew about John Collins. Or didn’t but thought. John Collins Is Gay.” (I’m just joking. You can put anyone's name in it by going

The next site I will show you I will use my neighbors name, why? Because I think he's being a weenie. He's getting really stoopid and keeps complaining about my family using a VISITOR parking spot. So in honor of him here is a site just for him: Mark Anthony Is A Terrorist. (once again you can change the name to anyone).

I’ve decided something. I like the word weenie.

Tuesday, July 29, 2003
Here is what this color test says about me:

"You have a strong personality that likes to take risks if the rewards are worth it. You don't like being told what to do and prefer to take matters into your own hands.

Preferring a more casual appearance, you are more comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt than in a suit. You don't like over dressing for any occasion, although you never look scruffy.

You have a lot to say and love talking to your friends, always staying in close contact wherever you go. You are outgoing, fun and have people are drawn to you.

In your mind, the image your friends have of you is very important. You like to have the latest brands and are prepared to invest a lot of your money in quality and expensive possessions.

Business often takes priority to social occasions. You are aggressive in business, but tend to take the backseat when it comes to your personal life."

Its not all that far off. I think. But normally I tend to avoid name-brands.

Just plain Random
So today was productive. I video taped about 3 hours of music off of Fuse. Its a rather good mix of songs. And it is also the start of a list of songs to download as soon as I get the go-ahead. I can’t wait until the music industry gives up. They are making me mad. On to other things.

*Draws Blank* I hate summer sometimes. Nothing interesting ever happens with me. I did have an interesting conversation with Ion yesterday. Actually it was more of a “Him Rant” conversation. But that's okay. And I was labeled as a “Kick-ass friend”. How lovely. Notice I wasn’t for once being sarcastic.

What else. Um. Sugarcult is fast becoming a favorite band of mine. I’m going to start a wish-list at Amazon soon. And I’m trying to design something to sell off of So far the best I got is a lollipop with the words Mookie Riffic, and Have A Lollipop. I wanted it to say Have A Sucker. But I think my dad would have put his foot down on that one *Pouts*. You can buy from me so far: a coaster, Clock, Postcard, and Hoody. Unfortunately the clock doesn’t have any numbers. So I'm not sure its worth it. I’ll type more later. Actually I don't think you can buy from me yet, because I want my Mom or Dad to look at the whole Tax information that they ask me to fill out. I'm not sure I trust it. But you can look.

By the way, I make some web graphics, I’m not that great, but I'm okay. So if you want me to make any E-mail me with what you want. I work under the name of "EyeBall Graphics"

I Did Something.
Wow. I actually Updated the Collinization link. What a Miracle.

Monday, July 28, 2003
So on Saturday I'm going to Canada. So for your reading pleasure I have invited a new guest Blogger into my “Home”, His name is George. He's a good friend. And I don’t feel like typing so you’ll just have to suffer.

Hey everybody! George here, just thought I would introduce myself as I will be a guest blogger dude here while Rachael is off in Canadia. =)

Sunday, July 27, 2003
Random things: Mall, George, Wrist
Wow. Today was boring. I went to Manassas Mall. That mall is dead. It doesn’t even have a movie theater anymore, and there's probably never more then 100 shoppers at a time. But I was stuck there for 3 hours! THREE HOURS! Why? Because my dad needed his tires changed and My sister and me were volunteered. Notice that I did not volunteer personally, someone did it for me.

I’ve also been having a lot of interesting conversations with one of my friends. Lets call him George. I’ll tell you though, I haven’t had such fun conversations, and in a way serious too, in a long time. I mean there's the basic conversations where you say “lol” just to keep the conversation moving because your bored, but when talking with George if I say “lol” I mean I am laughing (or at least giggling-Yes I giggle, so shut up). But I just feel that I can say what ever I want to George, and vice-versa, with out worry, and typos be damned! Because neither of us care, as long as we understand what the other person was saying, we don’t care. And a big plus with George... He can actually type at a decent speed! HUR-AH!

I bought a “cuff” for my wrist today. Its basically one of those sweat things that you wear when working out, but it’s decorative. Its black and it had red ribbon making an X across it. Notice the past tense when referring to the ribbon. My mom redid it so that its black ribbon, and it has my watch on it. The dreaded watch. I love it to death (It has geckos) but I never took it off for about 4 or 5 months, and it was constantly getting wet, and rubbing my skin raw, and about 2 weeks ago my mom took it away because my wrist was raw, and scaring. She thinks it was an infection. Even now its scared and if I don’t put lotion on it 3-4 times a day, it gets dry and if I procrastinate enough, the skin flakes. Its nasty. So I bought a cuff, hopefully not to start the cycle again. The main purpose of the cuff was too hide the nasty-ness off my wrist. With my luck some teacher will think I'm wearing it to hid cuts and I'll get hauled down to the school’s Phyciatrists office (Yeah my school is that pathetic and messed up-I mean they got to have someone to deal with the pregnancy scares and druggies and cutters) and have to explain it, and of course they wont believe it, and it will just become a pain. But such is the course of life.

Saturday, July 26, 2003
I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before, but dad is making me learn how to shoot a gun. Needless to say I have no idea how I think about it. But today was the first time I shot. It’s only a B-Bgun. But I still don’t much care for it. So yeah, I shot 20 times, and I'd say that I made the actual targets, maybe every 3 out 5 times. As far as I can tell, if I ever have to shoot a deadly psychopath I can shoot well enough to get the job done, maybe not cleanly, but I could do it. I don’t like that fact. And I don’t think I'm going to be proud of any shooting scores I get. I’m going to learn what I have to learn, going to be able to do what I have to do, and beyond that, I'm not going to deal with it. I think I'm going to keep my shooting scores to my self, and I'm not going to tell a lot of people, or at least people I have to deal with every day. If I'm not going to tell many people about why am I writing about it? Simple, not many of my friends actually read my blog. And I think I'm going to get rid of the link to it in my profile soon. I’m not sure.

One more thing. My back hurts. I think it was from shooting.

Friday, July 25, 2003
So Bill is now off the hook. He linked to me. You know what that means? No more lies for a while about anyone. Or at least until I find someone else. The link even said Mookie Riffic- She’s young, be nice. Isn’t that nice? I’m so loved. Either that or my made-up lies were true. For his own sake I hope it was the former.

Thursday, July 24, 2003
It actually worked
John linked to me! Woot! I’m not sure if it was the subtle hints, or the fact that he was scared about the lies I made up for Bill. Hehe. Maybe Bill has something there. Threaten lies and you will succeed. Reminder to self: Thank Bill. But not until he links to me. So I thank John . And I'll eventually thank Bill. Now I know I said I don’t care about links anymore, but why not? I have enough spare time. Because I'm not smart enough to do my summer work yet! And by the way... Wait never mind. I forgot what I was going to say.

My School System
Even in summer my school system provides me with a constant stream of entertainment. This time the matter is not only funny, but also a felony! So for a bit of background, in my county we have high school out the wa-zoo. And every school has its own reputation. For example, Gar-Field (Mine-Mascot is Indians) is the druggie school that everyone is scared of; Stonewall (My sisters-Mascot is Raiders) is the smart kids that are horrible at sports; Hilton (Our Rival-Mascot unknown and not on website-tsk tsk) is big on football and is a school full of baby-boomer kids (aka. Yuppies and Preps). On and on the list goes. But Gar-Field, Hilton, and Stonewall are the main schools in the county that you hear about. But it is Ironic that the so-called "Worst" school and the so-called "Best" schools are both right next to malls. But today, I am going to focus on Stonewall.

Stonewall received Time Magazines #1 School of the Year award in 2001 (?). And have always been horrible at sports. Well the prize gem of the county has hit its low. A teacher has been charged with a DUI and a felony hit and run. He is on administrative leave (Full story here). As is normal, no one is giving the media any information. They’re just passing the calls around. And when they pick a spot to send all the calls too, it figures the person is out of town. Welcome to my school system. Oh by the way, the guy’s bond was $3,000.

That was almost as funny as when two Drivers Ed. cars were stolen from my school.

Oh and did I mention that Stonewall is having an Elementary School built in the parking lot? Nothing like spreading the coruption early!

I have decided to promote one of the links on my blog roll. Why you ask? Because they were nice enough to email me, and mention me in their blog. So what do they get in return? They will now rise up in the world and join the uppermost group of Blogs. The group I read faithfully (AKA. the group I steal ideas from). So I guess you want to know what blog this is huh? Well I'll tell you. Its Matt from It Could Be A Lot Better Too. So now, Matt, you never have to worry about me writing lies about you! Be glad! Because I have some pretty gruesome ones waiting to be used up in my twisted brain (Not to mention I have some sick friends to help me)

My Blogging Term
I GOT MY TERM! Or maybe not. Tell me what you think of it.


You either link to me or you get lies (Bill is currently get lies). *Nods* I am so awesome.

A Guy Living In Comments?
Wow. Bill must be loved. He has some guy named Paul living in his comment section. Either that or Paul has absolutely no life and needs a job (or a better one). But then again, he could just be a government employee. I mean he must be if he is going to live in Bill’s comments... I’ll have to think about that...

But I am going to link to Paul, mostly because he has the power to annoy Bill.

You know what I just realized? Bill gets some guy in his comments, I get Bonnie. Where's the fairness in that?

Hey Bill, Want to trade?

Recently a major life crisis occurred. John, from Collinization switched his blog onto another site. OMG! What will I do?! (Notice the sarcasm and fake valley girl accent). So now because of him (Who hasn’t given me a link either, but I haven’t really asked yet), I have to change my links. Or I could just let them be, and not care, and have everyone jump through hoops to read his blog. Not that anyone does I'm sure. Now now, I'm joking, so get over it. Speaking of “Get Over It” that's a song by OK GO. I like that song a lot. I’d link to it, but that takes more effort then I feel like putting forth at this moment. Because right now I am being lazy, and realizing I have school work to do. I probably wont do it till I go to Canada. Theres something about hearing all the Canadians singing OH, CANADA that just puts me in a good mood (No offense to Canadians, I actually enjoy it in Canada). Wait never mind. That was a lie. But I will probably procrastinate for another couple weeks, I mean look at what I have to do. And that's only English! How unfair is that?

And for all my reject friends who haven't started the English Assignment. It is every bit as horrible as it sounds. But smile! Its Summer!

And for all the rejects that don't have summer work, *thinks on how to say it nice but get the meaning across* You Suck. (nicest way I could think of)

Tips By Bill
So today as normal, I was reading the Blogs. And I feel that there are some things I should address that I found in other Blogs. The first are Bill’s tips for a successful blog. He says that any potential blogger should make up a blogging term. And since asshat, tard, and bi-blogural are used, I’ve decided I needed something very original. My first thought after the basic three was Grok, but that's from a book. So then I thought maybe something insane like Guacamole (to be used in the format of “OH MAN! This is better then GUACAMOLE!”) But then I realized I don’t even like Guacamole. So I am at a stand still. If you have any suggestions you can leave them in the comments, where I will read them and then promptly plaster my name all over the term and give you absolutely no credit what so ever. But you have to love me!

Another tip of Bill’s was to link to people and beg them to link back. I will not beg, but I will take the second half of his advice and I'll write horrible lies about him. So here goes lie number one: Bill Doesn’t Actually Like Boobs. He Always Talks About Them To Cover Up His Shame. And lie number two: Bill gets turned on by other people talking about Ball Gout, and that's why he always mentioned it in his blog.

Well there are the two lies for the day. And I’m not taking them down until I'm on Bill’s Blogroll. I’ve dropped hints before that I want a link (I don‘t think he‘s that smart), but he hasn’t given it to me, so until he does a new lie will be posted every day about him.

Back to the tips. Never mind, his other tips suck. Because I:

A) Don’t have a disease or ailment.
B) I’m not going to talk about my bodily fluids. Bill grosses us all out enough that I don’t need to add to it.

Wednesday, July 23, 2003
Okay, listen to this. My sister has a chance to go to a college in Michigan named Olivet, for cheap, when she asked how cheap, the answer was really cheap (as in hopefully between 2k and 5k a year). This school accepts only 900 students a year, and each year is 35,000. And she doesn’t know if she wants to go.

All I can think is “HELL-O Don’t pass an opportunity like this up” among a few other nasty, normal thoughts that pertain to siblings. Back to the college (I'm going off of what I heard from them), Its a Christian school, she said that like its a bad thing. Now my sister and me were never raised religious. And I have nothing against it, but I'm not going to actively pursue finding one. But for an opportunity like that, I would put up with the biggest bigot you could find in the world. This is one of the best opportunities she’ll ever get, and she might not take it.

That annoys me. I just thought this fact deserved a post, I'll probably rant about it later on no matter what the decision she makes. So I won’t leave you with a cliffhanger for too terrible long.

And now back to my book.

Tuesday, July 22, 2003
Teenages Stupidity in Relationships
Ah. Birthday week is over, back to the normal “RACHAEL! I don’t know what to do! Please help me!”. Such fun.

So my friends are having problems in their relationship. It was so easily foreseen though. Or maybe that's just my cynicism showing. Fact is, the girl in the relationship is confused. And the guy? I don’t know I haven’t talked to him about it much. Haven’t had a chance, don’t want to get to involved in a problem that I personally think is a loose-loose situation. He’s moving; she’s going out of town. Now of course this is the typical teenage stupidity in relationships here, no offense to either of them. But she has another guy (whom she is going to visit) who lives in another country. He has college. It apparently started as “casual dating” (Lmao) but judging by the amount of stress the girl is going through, its not just “Casual” anymore. I’m sorry, but man they just both have terrible timing (thats an odd looking word), and they’re my close friends, but I can’t help but laugh. Because if I can’t laugh, then I'm going to smack one of them. Because they are both apparently being stubborn. One wont “let on to what I'm thinking enough” and the other is being “Anal”. I wish them both all the luck. And I'm going to laugh anyway.

Monday, July 21, 2003
Girls ARE Evil
I knew it! We're evil! I just knew it! It was simply a matter of proving it!

Party again.
Time for an in-depth analysis of my party. Ha! That's a good one. Anyways the party was from 4 to 8, and 90% of it was spent out back. We just sat around (there were 6 of us) talking, and relaxing, drinking soda. Had some interesting conversations, about various things. At one point Jon was looking for the fire we smelled and I believe it was Emma who said he could just play with David because David had fire on his shirt. It was funny; Jon physically moved his chair farther away from David’s. And then we started talking about why David is “Fruiter then a Fruit Fly”. All jokes of course.

We have one of those 2-seater swings in out back yard, and that's where I was sitting. It seemed though, that every time I got up to do something, Paul had decided to sit in my spot, or lay across the whole thing. So what did I do? I sat on him. And I swear he is so ticklish! Its hilarious, he’ll laugh if you even touch him.

*Sighs* And other stuff happened, other things were discussed, but my mind is blank at the moment, so I'll do some linking later, maybe elaborate, I don’t know.

I started this blog with one purpose in mind, to have a place where I could put down my thoughts, feelings, and ideas in a secure place while receiving constructive criticism and working on my writing style; I also wanted to let some of the “Older” people in society into the mind of a high school-er.

I forgot that for a while. I started to think about the Ecosystem, and what other people thought more and more. That's not why I’m doing this blog. I shouldn’t care about how many “Unique Visitors” I get a day, or how many people actually read my blog. That's not the purpose. Therefore I stop with that at this moment. I refuse to be bothered about that. I will not care. Sure I'll still check it, but not faithfully, not with anticipation, not with hope, or any of those things. I am simply going to write my blog, and I'm going to do the best job I want to.

And I will stop resisting the horrible urge to say the letters “Lol” or “Lmao”! I’m still going to try and keep its usage down, but I will say it, because I want too.

I hope this blog is still going to be entertaining, fun, informative (in its own way), and an easy read, but I'm not going to make it. If I'm in a dark, gloomy mood, I’ll write like I'm in a dark gloomy mood. I am not going to hide my feelings, I’m not going to sensor my thoughts (well maybe some, but not as much), and I know my dad regularly reads this, oh well. No offense to him, but I am here to have fun, and learn more about what goes on inside my weird little mind. So, if I want to complain about my parents, I will. Why? Because that's a part of being a kid. Kids will complain about their parents, kids will say they hate their parents, kids will say a lot. That's just a simple truth, and hopefully any parents that read this blog, mine included, will learn that this works sometimes, this sometimes doesn’t, this invokes rash anger, this invokes calming good moods, ext. Maybe you’ll learn that this is a terrible way to approach this subject, or that is a horrible idea and shouldn’t be mentioned at certain times. Ext. Ext. Ext.

The fact is I’m going to say what I'm going to say. I’m going to say it about anyone I want, however I want (I will censor names). And if I loose some readers, then so be it. Because this is my life. Welcome.

Sunday, July 20, 2003
Mookie's Folly
Okay, so things are about to get confusing on the blog for a while when I mention people. You see, at my party, after the first two guests left, we all went up to my room to avoid the bugs (I'm really allergic to them), and when I was walking out one of them, the other two found my list of names. So here I was, before I let them in my room looking to see if I left out any undergarments or laundry, leaving my master list of names out in the open. I just had them right on my desk. I could not believe I had been so foolish! So everyone is getting new names. Except for Becky, Moe, and Marshmallow, who were not on the list yet, because I hadn’t had time to add them. *Shakes head* What a mess this is going to cause. I don’t think the names will really get out, but still, its one of those things where if you don’t do something its going to come back to bite me in the behind. So the names are changing, and any body I've mentioned is going to be renamed and the old names will probably not used for a long time.

I got a migraine. So I'm out. I’ll catch up on my blogging tomorrow.

And once again my Comments are down *sad face*. So if you feel the urge, email me at mookie_riffic -at-

My Weekend, and the word Woot.
So it’s been two days since my last serious post, and that post was rather pathetic and whining. So here it goes.

Saturday I went to a rocket launch with my dad and Paul. It was rather enjoyable, sat around, watched the rockets go up, watched them come down, walked around, talked some. Basically it was a pleasant day. But when I got home, I was so tired I almost passed out.

Today, I had my birthday ‘party’ that was fun too. Everyone I invited actually showed up (Yea!), and it went good. No major catastrophes. I was happy about that. And I got to paint Paul’s nails, well technically Aly did, but I have pictures of it. *Evil Grin* It was a nice pink too. We had cake, had pizza, talked, and just hung out. Not in that particular order.

Oh yeah, and Glenn from Hi, I’m Black, apparently emailed my dad saying I’m not allowed to use the word “Woot” I don’t understand why not, and neither did my friends, so just for kicks, this is for Glenn.

Woot, Woot, Woot,
Woot, Woot, Woot,
Woot, Woot, Woot,
Woot, Woot, Woot,
And the dog ate my mother’s toes.

I am so awesome. People should worship me as their God. They should give me lavish presents all the time.

Man I wish I lived in a dream world.

Today, so far.
Short post today, lots to do. I woke at 7, cleaned the back yard, crashed until 10. Ate breakfast, showered, shaved, dressed, typed this. About to go. Post after my party. See Ya.

Saturday, July 19, 2003
Greatest Oxymoron Ever....
Microsoft Works

Friday, July 18, 2003
Last night, I was in the car, with my knee hurting like bloody hell, I was going through the common “Life sucks, what's the point, no one understands me” crap. It’s funny when I think about it now, but at the time I was pretty serious. Well during that whole stupid thing, I was listening to Saying Goodbye, and it’s by Sugarcult. It was on my new CD. Now this is going to be really stupid, but at the moment, I'm in a good mood so I don’t care. So click on this link to hear the song (once there click on the song title) and here are the lyrics. And for once I know that they are right because I'm typing them from the booklet:

Saying Goodbye

She kisses everyone goodbye
And waves her middle finger high
They're never going to mess with her again
The drama queen is seventeen
And sleeping with boys for free
She's got a reputation of being easy

Every time they put her down, she makes a fist and the tears roll down
She packs her bags and plans to run away

CHORUS: She's saying goodbye and leaving tonight
She's wasted all her lonely tear drops
She's saying goodbye and leaving tonight
She's used up all her lonely tear drops now

She thinks about herself and cares about nobody else
because the only friends she has all put her down
They hate her when she's beautiful and even more when she's a fool
They talk behind her back when it's her birthday

Every time they put her down, she makes a fist and the tears roll down
She packs her bags and plans to run away
And every time she makes a friend, the vicious cycle starts again
She's never, ever, ever looking back


She's saying goodbye, she's wasted all her lonely tear drops
Saying goodbye, she's used up all her lonely tear drops now

Every time they put her down, she makes a fist and the tears roll down
She packs her bags and plans to run away from here
And every time she makes a friend, the vicious cycle starts again
She's never, ever, ever looking back


She's wasted all her lonely tear drops now

Man, I am so cheesy sometimes. But I don’t care. I just don’t know why, but I really like that song. Now I'm going to get really cheesy, but I can identify with it, in a weird sort of way. Here, how's this, I'm going to dissect the song, line by line the parts that I think apply to me the best.

Every time they put her down, she makes a fist and the tears roll down
She packs her bags and plans to run away

Whenever I'm upset, the first thing I do is threaten to castrate someone, or punch him or her, shave their head, something really stupid. And I'll shrug it off until later, and then when it catches up with me, I'll grab my back pack, throw some clothes in it, and walk to my bedroom door, where I'll promptly sit down on my floor, and not move for a while. Most of the time I tell myself that I'm not going because I'm a coward, but I think its that I actually like my life. And I do, its just sometimes I think its crap. But who doesn’t?

She thinks about herself and cares about nobody else

I wish sometimes. I worry so much about my friends, it’s ridiculous. I especially wish I didn’t care bout anyone else when they hurt me. Like this next line suggests!

Because the only friends she has all put her down

Bonnie, perfect example, I love her to death, but come on! She trashes me so much. It gets old real fast.

They hate her when she's beautiful and even more when she's a fool

Fool, to be foolish, to act in a stupid manor. Well hell, that's 90% of the time for me. *Laughs* I have good friends, honest, lord knows I say that enough *rolls eyes*, but they do put me down quite a bit. I mean its usually in jest, but it doesn’t help. I mean Atticus has even said in the past “There is some truth in ever joke”. But you know what? I am a fool, but i don’t care, so maybe that makes everyone else a fool for caring. I don’t know. Maybe.

They talk behind her back when it's her birthday
Yup. I can identify with that. I’ve had it happen, probably will happen again, thats life. I guess i should be used to it by now.

And every time she makes a friend, the vicious cycle starts again
She's never, ever, ever looking back

Unfortunately, I constantly look back. It can be quite a bad habit. I mean I remember the stupidest stuff, and it seems like all the good stuff isn’t as clear in my mind. Kind of odd. As for the Cycle, it’s true. Example, I was friends with Jen (Bobb), and she would always insult me, and put me down, she was basically a bitch. That's the best way to put it *Laughs*. And through Bobb I met Bonnie. Cycle started again. But Bonnie has stuck around longer then Bobb, so it’s not that bad.

She's saying goodbye and leaving tonight
She's wasted all her lonely tear drops
She's saying goodbye and leaving tonight
She's used up all her lonely tear drops now

I’m leaving in approximately 3 years and 6 months, I hope. And where am I going? I don’t know, but I've been in VA way too long. I want to try some where else. I was thinking maybe UK, or going west to Colorado or North Dakota. Not sure, I'll see how much cash I got when I leave and decide from there. As for “wasting my teardrops” I do that a lot, I cry at the stupidest things sometimes. Half my friends would never think I'd do that, I don’t do it at school, but when I get home, I take it out on everyone else. I hate doing that, but sometimes its just like I'm out of control, and can’t stop myself. As if my mind and body are two separate things, and my mind has lost control for a while. I hate that feeling. One day, when I come across something that deserves tears, I fear I won’t have them. I have cried over getting yelled at by my dad, and then when I find out my uncle, who served in Vietnam (Long story I’ll tell it later, maybe), has pretty much lost his mind, I can’t do anything but sit there. I must come across as the coldest bitch on the planet at moments like that. But I just couldn’t find the tears. It was the same thing when my mom went to the hospital, I just sat there numb for a moment, and then I started dusting the main floor. Robyn came home, crying because she didn’t know what was going on, and I sat there and yelled at her! Why? Because I didn’t know what else to do.

So my cheesiness is done for the day. But on one last note, I think I need mental help sometimes. I’m a nightmare.

Money again
One more thing. I am still hoping to buy my freedom from Bonnie, but unfortunatly, I'm poor.

It is way to early in the morning. And you know what? I’ve been up for an hour! Oh man, I haven’t even started my chores. The only thing I've done today, was I did the front yard (Mowing, weeding, ext.) I’m such a good kid. *Gag* Well now I have to go and do actual chores. But one last thing:


Bonnie came back huh? Man I was hoping I had gotten rid of her. Oh well. I guess I could just take away the guest account, but that takes effort. Not to mention she’s entertaining. So yeah, she thinks she owns me. But she doesn’t, I own her! HAHAHA! Never mind. I don’t own her, I don’t want to own her, and she’s too much a pain.

TYPOS BE DAMNED! I use a spell checker now, and beyond that I don’t care anymore. So bonnie if you have a problem with my typos, then you’re screwed.

AzzzBall Strike back with fury!
When I wasn't looking Rachael posted a bunch of sh*t... now you must go to the archives to view my amazing first guest post!!! The horror!! I have to slap Rachael for having a link to my blog... I told her not to give the link out yet... it's utter crap not worth the computer space. And all these posts about whore clothes, you would think Rachael would be used to these clothes enough not to be tottally pissy about them, I look damn good in size 0 jeans, thanks! But even with size 0 on my butt doesn't fill out the back, haha, and yet I pop outta some shirts. Oh well! I'm not starving myself I'm just damn small.

Anyways, moving on!! Today my brother's hott friend Steve and smartass friend Dan made my family's dinner... apparently they dissed my mom's cooking and she dared them to do better. They did. But them cooking wasn't the best part, it was watching them try and clean up. 18-year-old boys should not be given cleaning supplies, much less free range of the stove. Surprisingly we didn't waste all of the ingredients throwing them at each other... only some. And after dinner we had to work off all the food by kicking a ball around the front yard, punting it into the air until it gets caught in the tree seemed to be the goal. Also, we danced to the cha-cha slide song. "Bring it all back y'all, now right foot, left foot, three hops, now cha-cha-cha!" Come on everybody on the floor, one two three four!-- oh it was madness organized by my mother!

One thing I never wrote about was how amazingly cool my mother can be. She doesn't try to be one of the gang, thank *somebodyIbelieveinsolet'ssayBOBB*, but my mom is still hip. My brother and his friends (Dan, Steve, Devin, Alex) threw oranges at each other until they ran out of large enough chunks to throw... they came inside to find my mom willingly giving up a sh*t-load of lemons. Lemons hurt, and they threw one in my moms face, so she sprayed them with the hose. After we ran out of lemons we played truth and dare, my mom supplied us with ketchup that covered Steve's back and that Devin licked off Steve. We have pictures :).

I didn't mention the best part about my mom! She zings with the best, today our friend Devin imed my mom offering her the opportunity to buy his 28 second rice, a little of the convo went like this:

Devin: It's small and dry!
My Mom: I prefer wet and sticky
Devin: Once you go small and dry you never go back!
My Mom: You're just saying that to boost your own ego
Devin: ?
My Mom: Just because you're small and always dry doesn't mean we like it that way.
Devin: That would explain the lack of women in my life

I love Devin to tears, he takes a hit and still manages to hold onto his inflated ego. IM THEDEVINSTONE and you'll understand lol.

Bah Rachael! Any competition is never worthy enough of beating me! And John can say any shyte about Bill owning you but I have the ownership license and you were on my list so first! You will forever be my shizznitch bizznitch #1.

I haven't dissed Rachael nearly enough for this to be a true post, she can't spell worth a damn. If there is one thing I told Devin a million times it's, you can't masturbate until you can spell it... well in Rachael's case she wouldn't be able to do anything if she first had to spell it. GRANDMOTHER IS ONE WORD!!! I would go through all your posts pointing out spelling errors but let's just say I've overdone the english teacher bit. There are some things about Rachael that piss me off (like adding a link to my blog)... some of the posts she has been putting up lately have been putting me in a sour mood... except when they mention me... but right now I'm pissed about the competition, Rachael should really explain to everyone that I OWN HER SOUL, SHE WILL FOREVER BE MINE! EXCEPT FOR THE LOW LOW PRICE OF $9.95, BUT THAT LOW LOW PRICE IS ONLY THE BEGINNING BID! SO BILL IF YOU WANT TO OWN MY NUMBER ONE GET READY TO DISH THE CASH! I haven't succeeded in completely thrashing Rachael yet... I'll do it another time...

Thursday, July 17, 2003
Update on money situation: I’m poor again.

I felt like such a good citizen today, I actually bought not one, but two CDs. And here is the great part, their legal CDs, as in no downloads, not bootleg, a hundred percent, bought in a store, Legal. (They were Good Charlotte-self titled, and SugarCult: Start Static)

On to other topics. I went to Wal-Mart today, was standing around, looking at CDs, wandering for a bit while my sister did whatever she was doing; I don’t pay attention to her. And it was as if one of the tendons in my knee ‘snapped’. That's not the word I would use to describe it, but its the best one I can come up with. But oh man! It hurt like nothing else! I was trying to get my mind off it while walking in the car, and I was just thinking weird things, so tell me why the first thing I thought of was “If this is how a guy feels when they get kicked in the balls, then I'm glad I'm not a guy”. If my mind was a game show, it would be called “What Is This Weeks Drug?” Funny thing, I refuse to go near drugs (Major Props for me!)

By the way, I wrote Alice a poem (Alice is Bill's wife). Here it goes:

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
I can't blame you,
For not doing the dishes
Because i hate them too.

I should be a poet when I grow up. Oh wait, I'll never grow up, because if Atticus is right, I would have to marry Paul (No offense to Paul).

This annoys the hell out of me. John, from Collinization, has a girl friend. His girlfriend is not a rubber (just had to mention that), and has a brother. Her brother beat her up yesterday. What gives? I just think that is the lowest and stupidest thing ever to do. And if my brother were ever to do that to my sister or me oh there would be hell to pay. So yeah, I doubt John will blog much in the next couple days, but who can blame him? I just hope that if he kicks the brother’s ass he does a through job of it. My hopes are with him.

I apologize for the language, but I think it’ll be okay, I kept it mild. Not to mention, that really pisses me off.

Geeze Sam!
My dog is a gay whore.

It’s true. This dog of mine will do anything it can for mighty dog, walks, and most of all, loving. When I say loving I mean scratching. And as I type, I can only use oe hand because Sam demands constant petting. I would hate to lose a hand permanently. 00000000000000000000000000000000.

Damn dog. He leaned up against the numeric kry pad. And I'm not going to bother to fix it because I'm lazy. I know your probably thinking why doesn’t she just push him away. Simple, he weighs aroud 30 lbs, and is sitting on my arm. Not to mention last time I tried to move him he almost sat on my face. Talk about nasty and being scared for life. Also, we don’t call him Lard-Ass-Louie for nothing. When Sam doesn’t want to move, he doesn’t.

Did I mention that if any dog ever needed braces it would be Sam? This dog has horrible! Teeth. They are so crooked that a dentist would use it in one of those “If your teeth arn’t perfect we’re going to scare the pants off of you” commercials. Serious, its that bad.

Today's Clothing
Recently on Michelle’s blog there was a post called "Sex Sells, Are Your kids Buying?", this post has caused a lot of talk on her blog, and in her comments, I even made a comment. When I commented there were 2 strains of talk going on, the stupid pirate kisses, and then the clothes available for girls now a days. Well here is my post, so I can add on with out retyping it all:

“I'm a 15 year old, and I personally disagree with 90% of the clothing out there available to kids my age. I have been known to call the so-called "Girls" section at certain stores (just to name a few, Koles, Heck's, among others) Whore Clothes. Because they are indecent. I wont even where shorts anymore, unless they come from the boys section because they are too short. I'd rather ware Jeans and sweat then wear half the clothes available now-a-days. I have such a hard time finding clothes both me and my mom, find acceptable (our tastes differ greatly) that pretty much the only thing I wore last year were Black t-shirts and Jeans. And when my school had our infamous "Wacky Wednesday" Everyone freaked because I wore a yellow shirt. Now I may go overboard with the black t-shirts, but I'd rather do that then wear half the clothes in the Girls Section.

Posted by: Rachael on July 15, 2003 08:41 PM”

I stand by what I said, and my mind hasn’t changed much. I have done some shopping since school ended, and found quite a few articles of clothing I'd like, and TA-DA they aren't black! But of course, because its just my luck, all the clothes I liked, were in a catalogue, and of course, as we all know, I’m poor. All I have to my name is $20 in a Wal-Mart gift certificate (By the way, its pretty sad when you spell checker can spell Wal-Mart) from my grand mother. I’m so rich (notice sarcasm).

Anyway, back to the subject of Whore Clothes girls clothes. Most of the clothes out there are made for skimpy anorexic-looking, size 0 bimbos. I may be blond, but I'm not a skimpy anorexic-looking slut. And I’m sorry but when a girl bends down in shorts or a skirt, you shouldn’t have to see her butt cheeks hanging out. I don’t look on purpose, but when they bend down right in front of you its kind of hard to miss, and gross. Another thing, these clothes project only one image of beauty, they basically say that if you don’t fit into these clothes you are fat and ugly. That's not true. Most girls aren't skinny, most are sizes 12-16. But the clothes are designed for small girls.

One more disgusting aspect of today’s fashions that we could all do without. Fat chicks wearing skimpy clothes. I’m not trying to insult anyone honest. I just find it horribly disturbing when a girl, whose probably a size 20 or more, is in clothes made for a size 10. I mean its gross, all the fat bulges everywhere, and you see stuff your really don’t want to see. Its pretty gross.

I rest my case on today’s clothing. I need a sewing machine.

Wednesday, July 16, 2003
Kisses and Random Stuff
okay, last post for the night. And I'll tell you what. I’m taking full advantage of my new keyboard (its wireless!). Right now, I'm lying in my bed, typing. It is so awesome. *sighs* I keep wanting to use a certain word at times, I mean sometime this word just fits perfectly into the syntax of my sentence. But I'm being good. I will say it once though, “My new keyboard is so fucking great its not funny!” I just had to do that. And i’ve been good on this blog, very good, only a couple of hell’s and maybe a few craps. So I'm proud and I'm going to forgive my self for saying the F word.

I did see a stupid, yet funny commercial today. It was for one of those fiber drinks, I think Metamucil. I’m not sure. But it was about Old Faithful. This tour guide was sitting there talking about the geyser, and someone asked why it was so “faithful” and they switch sense like the guy is thinking the answer, and it shows the guy dumping a glass of the fiber drink down the geyser. It was so funny. And retarded. *laughs* Oh well.

One more thing before I drift off. The 7 types of kisses:

Peck on Cheek
Butt Kissing
Pirate Kiss
French Kiss

I know what the first four are and the last one. And I know what Butt Kissing is, I see enough of that at school from the suck-ups. But the Pirate Kiss still confuses me. They were discussing it in the comment section on A Small Victory (to lazy to link right now) but it left me slightly more confused then before. Tell me what it is, and give you a lollipop. *Laughs* Or I'll just Blog roll you.

Get Ready, Get Set, *car screech* WAIT! Did You Warm Your Hands First?
I’ve seen at least 5 posts on this very topic, so I'm going to add another.

Frequent masturbation, particularly in the 20s, helps prevent prostate cancer later in life, according to Australian scientists have shown that the more men masturbate between the ages of 20 and 50, the less likely they are to develop the disease that kills more than half a million men each year.

They suspect that frequent ejaculation has a protective effect against the cancer because it prevents dangerous carcinogens from building up in the gland.

So you know what that means? All you guys, when you get caught doing the “Five Finger Knuckle Shuckle” you can say “I’m just protecting my future health!”

Dude. I am such a trend setter. My friend Jon, just got a blog too. Woot! He better link to me because I want to move up in the Ecosystem. This guy has such a riot going with this Ecosystem.

A little bit of everything, and a lot of links.
Bonnie I think you might have some competition. You see John has said I now belong to Bill. Its so great. In a single post of Bill’s he talks about Ball-Gout, intestines rupturing into someone's balls, his wife who he thinks is having an affair and wont do the dishes, my birthday, and safe sex. It’s so great.

And that's why I love Blogs so much. I mean come on! What's not to love? You get to read about random people you don’t know, and get to know them. And the best part: Most of the people that write these things are 5-30 years older then me. Its so hilarious.

Here is a great link for you. It’ll even teach you a bit of history. How the Stick People Became Extinct. Normally I would link to the person I grabbed the link from, Ted, but I was the one that gave it to him in the first place. So enjoy!

Substitute Teachers
For some reason I have decided to discus the dreaded, yet loved, Substitute Teachers. Most people love substitute teachers to death, because it means they can screw around, and if the teacher asks what your name is so that she can write it down, you just say the name of the dweeb across the room that annoys you by just existing. I hate substitute teachers. Why? Let me give you an example. Math class, we were supposed to be taking a chapter test on factoring (who doesn’t hate factoring?) and by mid-way through the class the teacher was doing examples on the board, and I was helping the biggest prep (is that the word for her? Not sure) in the school. I can’t even stand the chick! Every thing about her just insults my very intelligence, from the way she talks and acts, to how she dresses. I just can’t stand this chick. And I was helping her on a math test, because of a substitute teacher. Another example. In Elementary school, we all loved Subs. Except for the dreaded Ms. Hall. Every kid cowered at even the sound of her name, we all begged not to have her assigned as our teacher, there was some kids *coughPhilipcough* who would cry at the sight of her in the classroom. I had a personal vendetta against her myself. I never acted on it, but boy did day dreaming about it get me through the long hours of Reading class. Picture it, 1996 (?), Halloween. I was dressed up as a clown, whole nine yards, make up, stupid dress, tights, hair freaky, I even had the Yellow Shoes. You know the ones made out of plastic, dig into your ankles, and just generally hurt like hell. Me and my dad must have walked at least 2 miles that night, getting candy, we had 4 plastic bags full. And I fell not once. Except for Ms. Hall’s front porch. It was cold, and she had sprayed her porch with water earlier that evening because she had to water her hanging plants. It never dried. I fell face first, in front of a group of my friends at the door of Ms. Halls house. Oh I hated that woman that night. And for 3 years afterward. I still am agitated at the thought of her. But I've realized that its not a big deal. Going back to the original topic. Substitute teachers are hell. Especially when you like your actual teacher, and want to get your work done. Enough said.

Tuesday, July 15, 2003
My Birthday part2
A few of my friends just can’t figure out why I would want to bake my own birthday cake. So here’s my reasoning:

It’s my birthday, I’m allowed to Indulge some. Besides I want the left over frosting

I also lit my own birthday candles. Why? Because I like fire. And it was funny because I set the lighter down as my family sang. And hears the song:

All: “Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday To You”
Dad: “I’ll take the lighter now”
All: “Happy birthday dear Rachael”
Me: Such Trust” *mild sarcasm*
Dad: “Yup”
All: “Happy Birthday To You”

Such love! Such trust! Just wait until I get a a car. *evil grin*

Oh did I mention I got a wireless Keyboard and Mouse for my birthday? Well I did.

Woot! I’m 15! The big 1-5! *laughs* Actually its not that big of a deal to me. I just want the loot (Just joking! Geeze don’t yell at me!). So yeah so far I've had a good day. I woke up around 9 (barf) and I got squeaky clean. Then I sat down and indulged myself in a HUGE bowl of Fruity Pebbles and Cornflakes (yes I mixed them). After wards I checked my email, checked my comments (hint hint), and hung out with Tracey for a while. That was fun. After she left, I went and listened to some music, and talked to a couple people briefly, when my dad came home! I got Wendy’s for my birthday dinner. Every year the birthday person gets what ever they desire for their dinner, I picked Wendy’s. And as I've been joking, if you are what you eat then I'm Cheep, Fast, and Easy. *Laughs* Man, I can be such an asshat sometimes. Either that or just plain stupid. Mostly the latter. So now I've had dinner, dad and Robyn (my sister) have both crashed on the couches. And I'm waiting for mom to come home for cake. Its been a good day so far.

Oh yes, and can’t forget that Bonnie called and I think every one in her house said happy birthday to me. That made me feel special.

Monday, July 14, 2003
Just as a reference. I have great friends. But they suck at helping me get an ego of any sort. At least I’m never going to have a bloated ego! And why? Example one:

Me:I'm now 15
Atticus: How?
Me: I was born over seas. The timezone difference.
Atticus: Wierd.
Me: Not Really.
Atticus: you're a loser
Me: Thanks.

Example two:

Me: Guess what
Bonnie: What?
Me: What little ego I had left was destroyed!
Bonnie: How did u get an ego and how was it destroyed?
Me: Thanks for that wonderful vote of confidence
Bonnie: No Prob.

Well something I did recently inspired a bunch of my friends to start worrying about me, and even apologize to me. It kind of freaks me out. Its just comes out of nowhere. I was just sitting at my desk when talking with Atticus and Bonnie, when Atticus starts worrying about whether or not I'll “Disappear” and bonnie apologizes for being “abusive” and “destroying” my ego. I’ll admit I liked the attention, but it wasn’t necessary. I don’t mind bonnie insulting me, or Atticus telling me a bunch of stuff. I don’t mind worrying about my friends, because I know them, most of them wont watch out for themselves, someone has too.

I was asked if I was afraid. I’m scared to death half the time. But what I don’t let people realize is I'm not scared for myself, but for my friends. I’m afraid that they wont let themselves be happy. For example Atticus, I don’t want her disappointed in George (He lives in another country), and Jason, I don’t want him to end up unhappy. Those are just a few. I know I can’t do anything about most of the situations that my friends have to deal with, but it doesn’t stop me from worrying about them. After I was asked if I was afraid, and I said for others, I was asked if I was afraid for myself. Maybe I am. Or maybe I'm past that point, and now just fear that my friends will have the same troubles that I do. I don’t know. Maybe I wont ever.

I’d like to introduce my close friend “Marshmallow”, Marshmallow is technically female, but couldn’t be more male even if she, pardon me, He had a sex change. Now I am sure that someone will take offense at marshmallow, or what I say when talking about her/him/whatever. So, don’t. Marshmallow is a good friend whom I think highly of, and I will listen to any criticism pertaining marshmallow, but I'm not going to ditch her for anything. I’ll defend her no matter what the personal cost.

So on to lighter subjects. Marshmallow is about 6’4’’, thin, with dark hair. She/he is highly active in sports, and I think is the only female to get on to her schools Baseball team (mostly because the coach didn’t think it would be a good idea to have her on a girls team). Marshmallow knows what she wants in life, and I have no doubt that she will get it. *Thinks* what else can I say about Marshmallow? Marshmallow has on occasion totally confused people, by his appearance because most people don’t realize his actual gender. When he realizes that they aren't sure, he is always polite, and sets them straight, she doesn’t want to enter a relationship with lies or misunderstandings. Marshmallow is a truly unique person, I’ll speak more of her/him/whatever later.

Notice that I even have trouble figuring out which personal pronoun (is that the right words?) to use when pertaining to Marshmallow.

I'm PG
What rating is your journal?

brought to you by Quizilla

Yeah buddy! I'm PG. Just wait until school starts again, then some real drama will be posted. *evil laugh*

Sunday, July 13, 2003
Sorry Starhawk
Man. I screwed up. And it was a stupid screw up too that could have been avoided. What happened is I switched where I got my Comments. I went to Free interactive commenting by - click to sign-up! And that meant that all my old comments were deleted. Well Starhawk got mad and thought I just deleted her comments because I disagreed. But I didn’t ALL comments got deleted.

Yeah and to make matters worse, I was going through my blog roll deleting the ones I don’t read anymore, and I deleted Starhawk (I do read her’s). So now I feel guilty. I sent her an Email, explaining and apologizing. Just hope she doesn’t mind too awful bad. I did try and fix my error as soon as I could. I just hope its not too late.

And anyone else who is offended that their comments were deleted, I apologize, but I can’t get them back, so you can bitch at me, either in this posts comments, or email. Email once again is


So last night I decided I'll Make and Email my invitations for my party. At 1am. What I nightmare. I made the invitations with out any problems. The problems started when I emailed them. It took me 3 emails to send the Invitations in the right file format. YIKES! So when my friends actually bother to check their mail and read it, they’re going to have quite a few emails. *laughs*

Wow. The past couple of days, to say the least, have been very busy. And not really because I've done a lot, I haven’t, but because a lot has happened. Between trying to convince my best friend that I’m not mad at her, to realizing I have some great friends (and insulting half my friends in the process), I’ve been busy. I wont bore you with the details, because I don’t feel like typing them, and no offense I think it would be best just left alone, with out *checks tracker* over 300 “unique visitors” reading it. I don’t mind if a lot of people read every aspect of my life, but I don’t think my friends do. So I'll just say this I got some great friends, I know I know, I've said that already. But its true. Between Tucker listening to me whine and putting up with my crap, and “Atticus” (she picked the name not me!) being a good enough friend to not only tell me the truth about something, but insist that she know whether or not that I'm mad at her (Which I'm not), I now appreciate my friends more then I did before.

Saturday, July 12, 2003
Believe Me
For informational purposes the previous post was not directed towards two of my other friends. And I would appreciate it if the other two friends would actually trust me, and believe me when I say some thing.

That’s all for now. Post again later.

Just Random.
I feel that I should write something congratulating my friend “Becky”. For she is now dating a wonderful friend of mine, named “Moe”. This was the congratulations. But you know what? Life makes me angry sometimes, because its so unfair. And then I realize it wouldn’t be as much fun otherwise. You know for the past couple days, I've had this foreboding feeling that something big would happen. That feelings gone. so I assume that it was Becky and Moe. Maybe foreboding isn’t the right word, to me that always seemed to me to have a negative connotation. But in this case it wasn’t a negative feeling, but not positive either. It was just one of those “things”. But back to the original topic. I’m really happy for Becky. But I also feel kind of bad for her because she’s leaving town for a while later in summer, and he’s moving, so I doubt its going to last long. But I think she knows that so I'm not going to ruin what ever happiness she has at the moment.

What else can I mention. Oh yeah, I get one hell of a migraine when a friend drops a giant bombshell on me at midnight. It hurt.

I am so stupid. I don’t know why, but I just feel so stupid.

All men are born truthful, and die liars.
~Luc de Clapiers de Vauvenagrgues.

Maybe that's true. Because what each person wishes the most, is what they eventually believe true. Its the same thing as “Okay if I tell my self it enough, I'll believe it”. You can never really believe it, but you convince yourself that you do. I guess it falls into the category of “defense mechanism”. One more question. Why must all the “experts” put fancy names to simple things?

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